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Default Just a little rant

A few things have been starting to bother me at work. As the shop is set up, we use a team system. Including a "team leader" then the techs, usually placed in order of experience etc... The team leader usually is a master certified tech, with a few years experience. He is the one who dispatch's the work to the techs, according to experience level etc... The team leader makes sure every tech has a decent amount of flagged hours for the pay period. Well, this is the way I always thought it worked. But, most of the leaders get a little greedy and take some of the Gravy(i.e; major service's etc) for them selves. Three days ago our team leader flagged 17.10 hours for the day. While the other tech on the team only got three hours and stood around most of the day due to team leader taking the work. I was a little lucky as I finished a job and next up was a service, so that put me at 4.5 hours for the day.
Team leader has done this before(was even worse about it to) got yelled at by manager, but nothings changed. They see $$ coming from the bay. Well, yesterday really set me off. A waiter RX300 came in for a "clunking noise" while driving over bumps. I was up so I took it. Drove the vehicle, could not duplicate concern. Was going to go up to Service Rider to see if customer would like to ride with Tech to duplicate. He tells me Team leader already sold Strut tops for 2 1/2 hours and said I could do it if I wanted. I got mad as I couldn't here any noise so why are we selling work to the customer when we cant duplicate it?? Team Leader asked me if I heard it and I told him no. He said to go ahead and do the strut tops. I told him I wasn't going to do anything since I didn't here anything. He drove said he heard the noise and put the strut tops on. I really don't know if he heard the noise or not.... I just cant understand why management is letting this happen.... Then to top it off, today was pay day. 57 hours doesn't go far . Never been so irritated. Was going to talk with the manager but decided to wait till tuesday so I can cool down, wouldn't want to say anything that would get me in trouble. Sorry, just had to rant a little......
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