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Sorry to Bogart Chads thread.....but...

Originally Posted by corsair23
I like the one of the Subaru getting towed across...Great footage
Gotta hand it to you CO people, You certainly know when you need a strap The guy didnt want to ride in his own vehicle as I pulled i through, He had his friend do it, I told him he should turn off the vehicle before so we dont hydrolock it, He said "what?"

Originally Posted by nuclearlemon
in the pic of the three guys at the ledge, it looks like they're peeing off the ledge.
You are the 3rd person to mention that, They were watching a Disco go up Hells Gate, Notice the weather change a-brooin across the way.

Originally Posted by Shark Bait
This is a cool shot. Looks like it belongs in the sales brochure.
I like this pic as well, some WC guys said we should sell it to Toyota...However I have no idea how that would work?

Chad, It was nice to see you again, Thanks for the ladder and for letting me horn in on your thread
Have fun.
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