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Default Chinaman's Gulch Thanksgiving Run 2005

It was another fun run. We had Bobzooki, Al and his friends with FJ40's - Daryl and Eric. Mike Brown and Neil's guest Pedro, with a buggy type jeep. Neil O'Malley was late and met us on the last obstacle (double slab). My co-worker Randy Spencer, with his FJ80 came late also.

Everything went well, we moved along quickly getting off the trail at about 2:30pm. It spit snow all day but didn't get serious enough to accumulate. Snow was all around us in the mountains. South Park had a pretty icy section on the way home, but it wasn't too bad.

My gas tank held up just fine considering the gash\dent I put in it the day before. I managed to cleanly take the Yoder rock obstacle. I was finally able to see some FJ40's take the rocks on Chinaman's, and I must say they were impressive. Daryl, Eric and Al all basically had near stock rigs. A modest lift, 33's and maybe some form of a rear locker. I know Eric didn't have a locker. Although Daryl and Al had V8's, none of them had real low gearing. It was obvious they had their hands full in the rocks. The strength of these 40's was apparent as they muscled their way through. They we also excellent drivers. Cruiser heads will enjoy the video of them. I will bring my camcorder to the meeting.
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