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Default That spot

I drove down that spot without incident Saturday.

They turned too soon, but otherwise they were doing just fine. Wheels were turned the right way. They got off the brakes which almost saved 'em. The cage held up. Also the 4 point harness's on the seats kept them in the rig.
If they had squared up to the drop-in (There isn't much room, but even I had room to square up a little. I'm sure a shorty 40 could have squared up even better) and turned 2 feet later, they would have been fine.

Actually, they were avoiding the REALLY DANGEROUS part of the trail by dropping into the creekbed. The really bad part is almost undriveable unless you are full width. Most people don't even stay high that long. I saw 2 rigs Saturday go high and stay out of the streambed. Most people drive the creekbed from 100 yards before where she rolled over. I'm not sure where the "real" trail is there, but the highline looks original, but now dug out and eroded.
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