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Wes, now you're talking! FJ40 with 1FZ-FE, electric locking diffs (meaning full-floating rear), H151...maybe coil springs...dunno if it would work, but it's a cool thought. That or find a 43 or 44 series and do kinda what Jeep did with the Unlimited-extended wheelbase without sacrificing departure angle. But there are prolly too few of those to be chopping any of them up...

Or maybe just do SOA on a 40, keep the engine (maybe put on a H41), get some cable lockers from a 61 series and a PTO winch if that's possible.

If you have a blown engine you could always throw in a Toyota diesel.

I dunno, I like non-US market options. Dunno if any of the above are possible, but they sound good as dreams, and it's RARE (in the US) TOYOTA.
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