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I think what you are shooting for, might fall into the category of competent expedition vehicle. It can crawl, to a point, but it's not single purpose at all. Like a D90 you could actually live with, or a Cruiser version of this sort of vehicle:
(that site may be a good brain fertilizer by the way...)

It's actually kinda what I am shooting for with mine:
Here it is, closer to current trim (second pic). It now has a 5VZ-FE powerplant:

If it was a motorcycle, it would be somewhere between a big dualsport and an adventure tourer, designed to cover a fair amount of territory reliably. Not for the hardcore, but for those who recognize mechanical competence and who seek outdoor experiences of many kinds - and who don't fall for the image thing in the commercials, but seek actual function in their form.

Not too far from the typical Toy or Cruiser owner in that regard, even if a Cruiserhead might reject some of your ideas - till he thought about it for a while.

Slee does definitely cater to this. Off Road Solutions goes for the more hardcore, which I think limits him, but he has a name and does do the whole package at times. Brian Ellinger could do it, but he focuses on unique mechanical solutions and smaller 'bites' rather than the whole package. Proffitt's comes the closest, but again, hardcore primarily. I think you have the makings of a good business plan potentially, and can certainly differentiate on product and price too if you're careful. If you can do that they will come, IMHO.

Unique, VERY competent product at a smokin' price. Wish you well!!!
-Bill Morgan
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