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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
yes, the jeep was a fun experience

It was a classic case of "spent all my money on big tires and a big lift, and forgot that my stock dana 35's were weak".

He watched the 85 attempt, and commented to myself and corey "Gosh, if i was bouncing like that in my jeep, i'd break an axle".

Then, as he attempted it after we'd all made it up, ignoring any advice or spotting, he gets the jeep up onto the slab, puts the accelerator pedal to the floor, hops about 3 times, and snaps his rear axle.

Perhaps more perplexing is that, at this point, he could have backed down to the very level camping area below. Instead, he asked to be pulled up to the top, and we obliged. He thanked us, and when we asked if he needed help or tools, he declined, and said it would only take him a half an hour. 2.5 hours later on our return, the jeep was still there.
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