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I actually ended up on Spring Creek via a last second decision to wing it and meet a group from CO4x4 on Bill Moore Lake (forget about that trail for a month due to snow at least) and was wondering if I'd catch you on Spring Creek. We ran up to the second obstacle and met a ton of people coming down and bailed.

We spent some time talking to the guy who owns the Jeep - nice kid. He's busted his D35 three times and had spares...but the axle wasn't broken and the diff looked fine. As we left at about 4:00 it was sounding like he may have damaged the transfer case as it sounded like the chain slipping.

Ugly stuff when you have D60's waiting to go in sitting in your garage but still have the slip yoke in your transfer case output shaft...

That little problem was nothing compared to the group with the beater Toyota pickup who was drinking and got halfway up the left side of the first obstacle, stalled, and rolled it coming back down.

Anyway, I should have just done this run with you. Looks like Spring Creek is still a few weeks off from being open unless a bunch of stir crazy guys with shovels and nothing better to do decide otherwise
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