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Default Kipper sleeping in GPS class?

Kipper?! Were you sleeping in GPS class?

I used my OLD Garmin GPS III+. (
The Cemetary ICON is built in, but a little different on it. I started a track log at the parking area and let it run. I forget what the interval is set to, but I collected about 264 datapoints. I turned the unit off when I remembered back in Central City.

Next, I plugged the unit into my laptop (on the ol' serial port) running the GARMIN MapSource software. In particular, US TOPO ( I dumped my tracklog to the laptop; selected the route; clicked SHOW ON MAP and there we were. I did an ALT+ PRINTSCREEN and pasted it into good old MSPAINT.EXE. Chopped it down a little and saved it as a GIF for size considerations.

The MapSource software has it's own "cemetary" icon and that is what it put on the map.
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