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Well, I have no pictures, which means it was a great day and my driving was less than stellar

That almost roll came totally out of the blue, which is what you always hear. I'm trying to get straightened out from that line up the left side of the rock garden in the pic above where you see the tree root and the clear indication that the rear left is going to slip to the middle and place my 80 squarely on gas tank skid and crossmember with all four tires hanging mid air.

Trying to get lined back up straight to take the line Romer took, the left rear dropped a bit suddenly and with some residual mud I slid to the left and that right side just starts rising up slowly enough that I shout to Bruce who is spotting, that I'm really tippy, so he bolts around and jumps on the step slider, bringing it back down. And then another little slip and it's going over, so Bruce jumps off and out of the way and shouts "go forward!". I do want to say that I watched Bruce get out of the way before moving. Better to lay it up against the bank than anybody get hurt, but it's a lesson nonetheless.

This part feels like an eternity. I hear Michelle shouting that it's going to roll. I'm in reverse and currently holding onto the center console leaning as far as I can to the passenger side watching the side bank approach, and just hit throttle in reverse and it levels right back out. In 10 years of wheeling, I've never been close to a roll, but have been in positions I would have sworn were 10 times worse.

My only casualty was the AC dryer. They make a show when you pop 'em, so I guess I have an excuse to relocate it now

That first "impossible line" looked doable since I walked it last year (pic is clearing the top after a 3' wheelstand), but I think the left side of that line is a lot more dug out now. Funny thing how you have to lock CDL if you want locked diffs. Sometimes a bit of stupidity is a blessing in disguise . Now that the aspen is gone that "bypass" line is even really getting bad. That's going to be the worst mandatory obstacle on the entire trail soon.

My kids had a blast, Michelle had a great time in spite of my promise of meadows and forests on the way down (Idaho Springs route) and not scree infested ledge roads (Georgetown route) . With no AC into Denver on the hottest day of the year so far, a beer (root for the kids ) at Rock Bottom was a welcome sight indeed.

Great run
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