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Exclamation Field Day Info

Field Day is both saturday and sunday. Here is a list of different groups doing field day operations across the state. Note that there are groups in Lakewood, Bailey, Boulder, Centennial, Greeley, Pine Junction and Lakewood if someone wanted to show up and get involved.

These events are the epitome of welcoming visitors, new hams and old hams alike. This is the "marketing weekend" for the hobby. I would suggest going out to a location with a copy of your license and introducing yourself as a new ham(with general privelages for Matt and Chris) and they'll probably sweep you off your feet getting you into a chair to talk to the world.

From an email from the ARRL about field day:

Field Day 2007 is June 23/24. One of my favorite events, it is an
opportunity to test ourselves as well as our equipment, endurance,
tenacity, and inventiveness. Great Colorado locations, camaraderie,
teaching, learning, and having fun. All this- and Ham Radio too!

The following groups have indicated that they welcome visitors and newcomers to their Field Day locations. I will also post this list on the Colorado Section web page--

which I will update if I receive any additional locations.

Have a great weekend!


Jeff, K0RM

Mesa Verde Area Amateur Radio Club (Cortez Radio Club)

-Location: 33009 Highway 160, Mancos.
-Directions: The rest stop on US Highway 160 between Mancos and Cortez where the Colorado State Patrol office is located.
-Set up will begin Saturday, at 10:00 AM
-Overnight camping:
-Tents: No
RV's: Yes
-Contact: Johnny Shepherd
Phone: Work 970-564-9551 Home 970-564.5908


Boulder Amateur Radio Club (BARC) (W0DK, Class 2A)

-Location: Betasso Preserve Group Shelter (Boulder County Open Space)
-Directions: From downtown Boulder, take Boulder Canyon Dr. (Hwy 119) west to Sugarloaf Rd., turn right on Betasso Drive and follow the signs to the parking area.
-Setup will begin Saturday at 6:00 AM
-Overnight Camping:
Tents: No
RV's: -- coordinate with W0JFR
-Contact: John Reilly, W0JFR,
Phone: 303-441-4286

The RADOPS of El Jebel Shrine (K0FEZ)

-Location: Bear Creek Lake Park , Lakewood.
-Directions: East on Morrison Rd. from its intersection with C470.
Entrance to the park is on the South side of Morrison Rd. about 500 yards East of the intersection with C470. There is a fee to enter the park.
-Set up: Noon, Friday June 22nd.
-Overnight Camping:
Tents: No
RVs: Yes
-Contact: Sid Wright W0ILI
Phone: 303-798-2948

Montrose Amateur Radio Club

-Location Sunset Mesa, Montrose.
-Directions: Take Chipeta South from Montrose Rd 0.6 mi; Turn left at Grandview Cemetery Rd/Norwood Rd. Continue to follow Grandview Cemetery Rd 0.3 mi to
64 85/100 Rd/Hogback Rd. Follow this road to the site.
-Set Up Begins: 0800 MDT Saturday
-Overnight Camping:
Tents - Yes
RVs - Yes, no hookups, no water.
-Talk In: 147.195 + No tone
-Contact: Lewis M. French, KC0UER

Loveland Repeater Assn &
Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club

-Location: 4551 S. County Rd 23, Loveland.
-Directions: Directions: From Eisenhower Blvd (Highway 34), turn south on Taft Ave. Proceed south on Taft Ave to the large water storage tank on the SW corner of Taft Ave and County Rd 14 (approximately 4.1 miles). Turn west (right) onto County Rd 14, and continue west to County Rd 23 (approximately 2.8 miles). Turn south (left) on County Rd 23; the access road is approximately 0.3 miles south. Turn west (right) on to the access road for approximately mile to a driveway on the left. Signs will mark the parking area -Set Up Begins: Noon, Friday -Overnight Camping: By prior arrangement only
-Contact: Rick Kile


-Location: Michigan Creek FS campground in South Park, near Jefferson
-Directions: US Highway 285 west past Bailey, over Kenosha Pass to Jefferson, at Jefferson turn right on County road 35, travel about 1.3 miles past county road 37, turn right onto gravel county road 54, travel about 3/4 mile and turn left at sign to campground, travel about 1/4 mile and turn left into campground. Road gets a little rough but we have our RVs in there.
-Set Up Begins: Friday afternoon
-Overnight camping?
Tents: (Y/N) Yes
RV's: (Y/N) Yes-limited
-Contact person Name: Roger Krautkremer K0YY
Phone 303-674-2642

Note: Please call and advise if you would like to participate. We may monitor the PARC Kenosha Pass repeater periodically- 146.910, 100 Hz CTCSS. The campground is at 10,000 feet so be prepared for cold nights.

Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association

-Location: Tri-Lakes Fire Station #1, 18650 Highway 105, Monument, CO.
-Directions: I-25 to Exit 161 and follow highway 105 North just past a railroad overpass, fire station is just ahead (North) on the right.
-Set Up Begins: Friday, 1:00 PM
-Overnight camping?
Tents: No
RV's: Yes
-Contact: Mike Anderson, WV7T
Phone: 719-229-8610

Aurora Repeater Association

-Location: Forest Rd 550, Buffalo Creek/Pine.
-Directions: Hwy 285 South to Pine Junction; turn left (southeast) on Hwy 126. Proceed southeast on Hwy 126, past Buffalo Creek to Forest Road 550 and turn right. Proceed west on Forest Road 550 to the site.
-Set Up Begins: Saturday morning
-Overnight Camping:
Tents: Yes
RVs: Yes.
-Contact: Jason Poulson, KC0JHS

The International Association for Astronomical Studies

-Location: Atlas-E Missile Site Camp Grounds, Greeley
-Directions: I-25 EXIT 257: US-34 E toward GREELEY. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-34 BR E. Proceed about a mile until you see a sign on the right saying "Missle Site" (Note misspelling.) Turn left onto 257 (spur). Proceed down the road about a half mile to Missile Park Road.
There should be a sign on the right for the Missile site campgrounds.
Proceed into the campgrounds and look for the 50 ft tower with the Flag on top. Tower will have banners on it for "NORTH HIGH SCHOOL" and our call sign "W0NHS".
-Set Up Begins: Friday, 10:00 am.
-Overnight camping?
Tents: Yes
RV's: Yes (no hookup though)
-Contact person Name: Burness Ansell
Phone 720-308-4418


Arapahoe County (D22) ARES

-Location: Chapparal water towers, Centennial.
-Directions: From I-25 go east on E Arapahoe Rd past S Parker Rd-- continue East on E Arapahoe Rd 1.8 miles past S Chapparal Circle W to S Chapparal Circle E and turn right (South); Proceed on S Chapparal Cir to S Danube Ct / E Davies PL and turn left. Proceed to the top of the hill to the water towers.
-Set Up Begins: Saturday Morning
-Overnight Camping: No
-Contact Person: David Markham, W0CBI
Phone: 303-641-7164

Mountain Amateur Radio Club

-Location: 8649 Main Street, Lake George
-Directions: US Highway 24 to County Route 90, about mile north of 'downtown' Lake George. Proceed West on CR 90 3/10 of a mile to Main Street and turn right. Proceed to # 8649 Main St. (Note: Main St is NOT US Hwy 24) -Setup Begins: Noon, Friday Overnight Camping:
Tents: Yes
RV's: Yes, but please contact ahead of time so we can ensure space is available
Contact: Dean Buckhouse, KB0VVA
Phone: 719-748-3848

Bailey Group

-Location: Santa Maria
-Directions: The town of Santa Maria is located about 8 miles west of Bailey on US Highway 285. The Field Day site is a private ranch located behind the statue of Santa Maria northwest of the town.
-Set Up Begins: Friday evening
-Overnight Camping:
Tent: Yes
RVs: No
-Talk in: 145.145- (107.2 pl) and 146.52 simplex
-Contact: Steve Finch, AI0W
Phone: 303-886-4855

Denver Radio Club

-Location: Salvation Army, 1370 Pennsylvania Ave, Denver
-Directions: Use the North Door (look for Field Day sign), ring the doorbell for entrance -Set Up Begins: Saturday, 11:00AM -Overnight Camping: No
-Contact: Gerry Villhauer, W0GV
Phone: 303-467-0223

ARRL Colorado Section
Section Manager: Jeff Ryan, K0RM
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