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Those singing praises of FIPG have evidentely left out their experiences with removing an oil pan which has been FIPG'd in.

I will relate that an oil pan that has been FIPG in for a few months is only slightly easier to remove than a stock F/2F one which has been in place with no goo whatsoever for 30 years or more, and that a factory FIPG oil pan which has been FIPG in is WAY more of a PITA to remove than nature's own cork. Removing an FIPG pan over a year or two is WAY more of a PITA than removing a factory cork gasket of even 30 years old or more, in my first hand experience.

FIPG is for dealership techs who will never see that engine again and will never have to deal with dropping that oil pan again. It is for factories who want to save a few bucks on skimping on a real gasket. FIPG is for trail fixes when you don't have the proper cork gasket handy or for cheap-a$$ed factories or dealer service departments who won't spring for a real gasket.

For an F or 2F oil pan service, get a real OEM cork gasket. Use a thin amount of RTV sealant such as Permatex Ultra Blue at the corners, as recommended in the factory service manual. Use a slight amount all over the gasket sealing surface of the surface of the pan, using a couple of pan bolts to hold everything in place. This is for assembly aid, not for sealing.

The next time you have to drop your oil pan, you will be very glad you didn't use FIPG exclusively.
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