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FIPG earliest use I know of was the 2.4 GM V-6. GM had horrible efforts in resealing the upper end of that engine and developed a metal forming concept on the tin and aluminum covers that allowed the FIPG to cling and seal much like an O-ring. A few manufactures played with this concept as it not only sealed fairly efficiantly but it saved assembly time and of course money. The japanese came to the rescue again and started using o-rings. FITP IS NOT A GASKET REPLACEMENT! It is designed to be used on covers that have a half round (or multiple) cavity(s) pressed/machined into the surface.

If you ever have to depend on the red box's to feed your family you would never "flat rate" anything as critical as a oil pan gasket thinking "just get it out and never see it again!" You do learn tricks and you also quickly learn problem areas but a professional would never count on not seeing the same vehicle again! In fact if your worth your weight in gear oil you hope the customer likes your work and you WILL get the trust to work on that vehicle again!!!!! The term "shadetree mechanic" is earned by those who do have the mentality that "If I just get it out the door it will be OK!"

This thread is killing me as some folks actually believe they know more than factory trained and hired engineers whom have more lab time and technology at thier disposal from vehicle manufactures that survive on vehicles not leaking on the showroom floor! Wonder if anyone here that likes RTV on a entire cork gasket has ever seen an oil pump drive shaft that is perfectly twisted from hardened end to hardened end by a very tiny fragment of "silly putty" that prevented the new oil pump gears from passing each other? (I know F's don't use a OP driveshaft but they do have shearpins) I couldn't behave and my tongue was starting to hurt....but RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
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