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I'm not a professional mechanic, never held myself out as such. Only relating my own shade tree howler monkee experiences over the last dozen or two oil pans, and more factory-intended cork oil seals. This is on Fords, Chevys, Plymouths and mostly Toyotas.

Unlike shops, when I do a repair to one of my own rigs, I live with the results. Often, for many years (decades) and many tens or hundreds of thousands of miles.

My personal experience, in particular with Toyota factory oil pan gaskets with Land Cruiser F and 2Fs and Runner 22RE, is that FIPG is a total PITA to remove. More so than 30 year old cork, which is also a PITA. In my experience, if you don't put some RTV at the corners of the factory cork gasket, you will leak. In my experience, if you do put a thin smear of RTV on each side of a factory cork gastek, it will peel right off and need no scraping, even after 5 or more years of service. In my experience, aftermarket 4 piece F/2F cork gaskets are a worthless waste of time. The Factory glued-together and formed gasket is so superior it far outweighs the slight cost savings from aftermarket 4 piece gaskets.

My personal experience with "professional" mechanics over the last couple decades has caused me to move all my work in house. Across the board, from shop to shop, they are not as competent as many would like to believe. This includes several prominent Rising Sun supporters, as well as independent wide-range shops, who I personally like and won't slam by name, or use myself.

Back on topic, factory cork for tha F/2F oil pan can not be beat. You must use goop per the factory manual at the corners. A very thin film on each side will aid assembly and ease future disassembly. A thicker coat will hose you, don't use too much! Just my personal exerience over many years and Land Cruiser engines.
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