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I just want to say, I love that everyone is arguing about "the next time the gasket comes out", Zepp is talking about "30 year gaskets". Ok so there is a slight chance it's going to leak again in the next 5 assuming installer error. What else are you going to pull the pan down for???? An engine problem? Only if you run it out of oil. We are talking about one of the most reliable gas engines on the planet. I would be installing the gasket now to make it seal. Worry about how hard it is to get out the next time(10 yrs maybe). Personal experience I have used aviation on the cork gasket and fipg in the corners and never had a problem.

As for FIPG, I have been using it for as long as I have worked for Toyota/Lexus (14 yrs). It works great on almost anything in a pinch (read if it is all you have on the trail). However I agree with Uncle Ben and powderpigs comments. There are certain places where it is used and it probably won't leak again. Example valve cover corners, oil pan corners. Places where unless the valve cover and head are machined together as mates no gasket will ever seal all the time.

Jeff - I am sorry you have had poor experiences with past technicians. We are not all bad or have bad work ethic. I will be the first to admit the "flat rate" system sucks. Many people take advantage of it and in the end the on who suffers is usually the customer. Dealerships are just like any other business, all management cares about usually is the bottom line. I also will tell you this - unless you have worked flat rate I cannot describe and you will never understand the constant pressure of worrying if you are going to make any money. It takes about 4-5 years just to get used to it. Example - I used to hate Christmas, it was the slowest time of the year and the time when expenses are usually the highest(presents, travel) It used to stress me out to no end because I was always broke.

Techs like robbie are few and far between, and sometimes hard to find. Disclaimer, I have worked at a few Toyota dealers in 3 different cities and will tell you this. There are probably about 5 guys I would let work on my cars/trucks in all of the shops I have worked in. 1 of those guys was a cruiser head. Unless the tech is a cruiser head, he doesn't want to work on a cruiser. 95% of the shop would just as soon work on a camry. Granted this is from a monetary standpoint. Cars are light, small and fairly easy to work on. Cruisers are big, heavy, and more work. Add this to the fact that most of the guys working in these shops are in there 20's and don't remember old cruisers when they were new because they weren't around. Cars with carb's and drum brakes will draw a crowd of young guys. All they know is EFI and Disc brakes (as examples).

Sorry about the babbling, but I feel I have to defend those few of us who do this as a profession every day, because we are not all thiefs.

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