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Default Rubithon 2008

So I just returned from Rubithon 2007. It was amazing. That is a tough trail that just keeps going and going and going. It is much different than Cruise Moab in terms of how you socialize and how you wheel. It is a lot of fun. Anyway, I ran into Dave Brown up there and he was saying that he was trying to assemble a mob of you from Colorado to head down to Rubithon 2008. I would highly encourage all of you to try to save some time in vacation schedule and try to make the trip. I put on 2950 miles from driveway back to driveway. Obviously that is a lot more than I needed to but we made it into a family vacation and toured San Diego and worked are way up the coast. We hit Legoland the big Zoos in SD, Pismo, SOR, TLC4x4, and a ton of beaches. Gabe and I were gone for 14 days and Ginger flew in to meet us after Rubithon and she was out for 9 days of vacation. The weather was fantastic and I can assure you it is much different than the Rocky Mountain region. I'll be at the Colorado Cruiser Rallye in August. If you are interested I'll show you my photos then, right now they are sort of guarded for TT. It isn't a trip I'd want to make every year but it is a trip that is definitely worth taking. And with it being the 20th I'm sure they will have some special events planned. I know some of the old time TLCA guys are coming in special for this event. I wish I could do it again but I'm not probably going to be able to do it. Anyway, I thought I'd give a plug for a great event.
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