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Originally Posted by Rzeppa
By tradition, the snow and pizza run is the first run of the new year, usually the first weekend. In recent years it's been held on the Yankee Hill trail system, but in prior years there were other locations.
When I started the Snow and Pizza Run, no one had any idea of the life it would take! The whole idea was to be the first run of the year and of course the first gathering of the new year. The very first (and several after) run was Switzerland Trail from the township of Sugarloaf to Ward then ending at Mill Site Inn on Peak to Peak Highway just North of the Brainard Lake turn off. At that time Sugarloaf Mountain was still open and provided a great side trip. I forgot what year that first run was but I do remember it was on January 2nd and we had 23 rigs, which was a record of vehicles on any club run prior to that in club history! We met on Canyon (out of Boulder) just past the climbing rocks. It was quite a site when the rigs completely filled the smallish pull off! A tradition was borne! Chief or Goldielocks might remember the year as I remember he was in attendance. The plan was three part, first, an easy all rig run, lunch and fellowship, and then the diehard (hardcores) searched out more adventure afterwards. Some years had lots of adventure while others were just fun to get out for the first outing of the year. When the drought really waned off the snow we sought out higher trails for more frozen challange, which is what brought Yankee Hill area into play. The main thing that I see that is really differant from those early day's is the rigs! A Cruiser wagon was pretty rare on a run and 40's were the primary vehicle of choice. There was a few mini's spatterd about....things have sure changed!
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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