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Well guys the trail is a kick in pants and I hope Robin and I will make it next year. Me either particiapting with the Trail teams or just on our own. I did make this trip several years agao with the Nor Cal guys. i took Ty when he was 2.5 years old. Maybe some will remember the articale in Toyota trails a few years ago.
As Eric states if the family members get tired of hanging, they can walk the trail some. The total length I clocked this year for the real hard stuff (damn to over look area on Cadallic hill) was approx 8 mile. This year was drier than last by alot. Making it more dusty. But the views are incrediable and the wheeling real fun. If you take your time and get good spotting, even nice rigs can come out not hurt. The FJ I was driving got a little quarter size dent in the door and scrapped a few of the sticker off.
But it was a pleasure to wheel with the wagons as they did have a different pace on the trail. Well built 40's and mini's and wagons (meaning big tires or little to no body to hit). Just motored right through the trail. Of course the locals make it look real easy(just too much fun for them).
Last year I wheeled my 80 with way more weight than I liked, but still it was a good lesson. The only damage I recieved last year was a dented fuel tank and a slightly dented tranny cross member. My truck last year weighted well over 7200 lbs(normal full loaded is close to 6500 lbs) with all the extra water, food, refershment's and spare parts I carried for the Trail Teams. I had on board over 100 gallons of food and fuel when I started the trip, besdies the food and parts. But the nice thing about a 80 is it's ability to carry more than you think.
Bottom line for me is that it is a wonderful trip and I will make every effort to have the wife drive the 80 out, if I am Trail teams. I do nto know what next year brings for work, so I can not comment on it. If Robin goes it will be with the kids(mccall and ty). Eric could not describe the trip any better. It is a blast.
later Robbie
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