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Default FJ40 Rear Disk Brakes

Hi all,
I've been using the 40 as my primary driver since the BOW run, been working great until this morning. Went out to run some errands, backed out of the driveway and the brakes just barely stopped me from rolling into the neighbors yard. Opened up the hood and noticed my brake fluid was really low.

Since I live pretty close to a local garage, and it was already moving, I very carefully drove it down there and had them take a look. The streets of Louisville are safe again, it's on a lift until further notice.

Turns out my rear drums are shot. Cylinders, drums and shoes. Local guy got quoted $533.46 just for parts from his supplier, and to his credit thought that was robbery and called me to see if I could do better. Hell, I can do better at SOR, and I have a call into Cruiser Dan.

In the meantime, I got to thinking, wouldn't it be great to have disks back there?

So anybody have any experience with any of the conversion kits out there? MAF has one for $499 + $43 for the proportioning valve. Anybody use that one? How about Custom Cruisers out of Gilroy? They have a kit for $225 that says its complete and bolt on, but the picture doesn't show any rotors or calipers. That makes me think it's somewhat less than complete, so I have an email in to them. Anybody have experience with them?

And I know, if I was a real man I'd spend the next two months crawling around pick and pulls looking for a '78 monte carlo to pull the calipers off, and in the meantime smelt up my own pads from old insulation, and hand carve the rotors from only the finest melted down 1964 Toyota engine blocks, and whatever else it is I should be doing, but mostly I just want it safe and running asap. Any experience with this swap would be most appreciated.
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