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Default yankee hill 12-18-05

when i pulled up to the cemetary, i could almost hear scott yoder breathe a sigh of least one other person showed up. that was all we had and all we needed.

for those that didn't show, you all suck 'cause we had an AWESOME run!

lots of snow, lots of drifts, mostly old and crusty, but no where near hard enough to run on top of.

the first half was just fun, the second half was the work portion. we probably used the strap 10 times in a half an hour! it was deep and as much as it tried, it couldn't stop us, but it gave us a run for our money.

a few times, i saw a drift ahead, and hammered down....all would be going great, then, it was like a hitting a brick wall...dead stop. we just had to keep backing up and hitting it again. no way were were even going to come close to going over the top...we turned around at the little meadow area before that last nasty hill (the one that pitches you into the tree on the right)...the pics will show you why! didn't bust through the drift in the playground either. yoder slowly drove up it and all he'd be doing was shovelling...that's a lot to shovel we were not worthy.
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