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Default Help with Gas tank (fuel delivery) on a '78

Soo, I bought a new gas tank OEM from toyota and installed it, trouble is that I cannot get the darn thing to feed the fuel pump. I had fuel totally filling the fuel filter and the line from the filter to the carb and the carb bowl is filled to where it should be. I thought this is all it would take to get the vacuum to the tank to get the fuel going...

I can get the vehicle to run but it will just run until the fuel from the filter makes its way to the carb and runs out.

So the question I have is:

First off, did I connect the correct line... the outlet on a '78 gas tank on the middle of the side facing the driver is the feed correct?
Does it matter which hose goes where on the fuel vapor seperator? (three outlets next to eachother on the tank) There is about 2 gallons in the tank, that should be enough to feed the line...

Any suggestions?
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