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Default ghost town run day one

as usual, perry and nathaniel did a freakin' awesome job!!!!

had a quick run up argentine to the mine, but nathanial took the wrong path and lead us up above the mine. nakman decided to try a challenging trail down to the mine, and quickly informed me that i'd be taking that trail also.

lots of big rocks, but that didn't bug me. i was a tad worried when i saw him doing a not so controlled sideways slide down some tailings after that, he got a bit caught up on some rocks, which i swear didn't look that big from where i was standing

while he was getting through that, i started working my way over there, while everyone else flipped around to go back to the correct path. the uncontrolled slide went well, and nathaniel spotted me over the big rocks that caught tim, so i wouldn't crush some columbine that were right on the side of the trail.

a bit farther up, tim came across a small vw sized boulder in the middle of the trail, but with some fanagling and a new scratch on his rear flare, he was through. not caring about scratching my rig, i was through before perry could even get his camera ready for pics.

from there, we headed to silver plume to catch the georgetown loop and the lebanon mine tour. now i can cross that off the list of things to do that i started fifteen years ago

train ride was cool, mine tour was cool, getting to climb all over the engine cause you know the engineer was really cool...thanks nathaniel!

after that, i had to head home since i have to deal with the raffle rig again tomorrow wish i coulda stayed around for day two.

can't wait for next year!!!!
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