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Thumbs up Thanks!!!

A great big thank you to everyone who showed up and helped make the 3rd annual Ghost Town Run a success. Oficially, we had 12 rigs, but unoficially if you count those who made it up for one day or another, we had 14 or 15.

The potluck dinner was great, we had more food than we could eat. Everyone loved the train ride and mine tour, and Ige amongst all the other kids was really giddy about being able to get up into the locomotive cab and check out some "real iron".

Sure glad we took that wrong turn, otherwise there wouldn't have been any "hardcore" wheeling. Argentine looked clean, even though our sign post was bare already.

Saint's John and Wild Irishman were cool stops. We even had our token "wild Irishman" with us(even though he was driving a toureg) and he named the one cabin still with a roof the Pub. He told us he'd bring us a Guiness sign next time to put inside, we'll dress in period clothes and take a nice sepia photo to really capture the "old west".

Boreas Pass was quick, but we all had a good time wandering around. Perry and I will be attempting a write-up for Trails again.

So thanks, and a special thanks goes out to Kevin(sno bored) for all his help and !

P.S.--I think we also had a couple more converts to Ham Radio. Tim's CB went out, and I think it will be officially thrown out soon. Ironically, I think most of the converts from this weekend were ladies, so look out for the "ladies" ham class, directed primarily on good operating practice and passing the test.
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