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Originally Posted by JadeRunner View Post
Isn't that like the situation where nobody in the department can upgrade to Project 2003 until the entire company migrates to Project 2003? Therefore, all the 2 way radio guys would have to keep a CB in their rig until everyone gets 2 way radios.
Originally Posted by LEXUSBEN View Post
No it just makes your rig alot quieter when your cb isn't squealing all the time.
What LB said. That was the last run I will be on where use my CB. LB didn't have a CB, and Tim's wasn't working. 4 rigs out of 12 were yakking away both days, and everyone else thought it was just awfully quiet.

It sure does show how even a well set up(Hulk)CB is vastly inferior to a basic 2M setup. I was at bakersville 2 miles up from silver plume and couldn't make out Hulk on the CB who was at silver plume. At the same time(almost) I was talking to Nakman on the other side of Loveland Pass at the campsite on 2M, maybe 10 miles as the crow flies over a pass that has maybe 2500 elevation between us and it was face to face clarity.

You guys can yuck it up all you want. We just won't hear it. BTW, I'm glad I didn't buy one of those 1-way CB radios!

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