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Sorry I missed it, but in another episode of "My Life Really Sucks This Summer" we canceled because our dog had to go in for surgery on Wed. The Vet left a drain in and with dressing changes and giving him medications we thought it would be too much of an imposition on the dog sitter we lined up.

I want to thank Nathaniel, Tim, Ben and Matt for allowing me to live the trip vicariously over the radio.

For those who doubt the 2meter radio, resistance is futile you WILL be assimilated.

Since I was stuck at home I decided to pull the Ham mobile out of the 4Runner and revamp some of the wiring. I knew that the guys up in the mountains might be on the Colorado Connection Repeater System, so I set up my temporary 2meter base. My "base" station was nothing more than a home made antenna, using TV ant twin lead, supported by a bicycle safety flag pole duct taped to a lawn chair. The system ws fed by my 5Watt hand held radio.

Fri night I was talking with Tim, Who was at home, and Matt and Nathaniel who were sitting around the camp fire at the camp site.

I never had a problem making contact with some one in the group all weekend.

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