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Originally Posted by JadeRunner
Ok, so I'll conclude about 5 min. w\co2 and 15-20min with this little pump. It will be used as a backup only.

You know me, unlike Bill, I'm usually in a hurry to get aired up and back home near the pre-quoted wife time.
I would say... that would be a Scotty from Star Trek estimate. Should cover any and all situations. I NEVER was able to get aired up in 5 minutes with my CO2 tank, and don't seem to recall taking 20 minutes with my dual compressor setup. I would say for me, 10 minutes CO2, 12-14 minutes dual compressors.

Single compressor, yeah, you're about right on the 20 minutes. And on a hot day with the compressor in the sun or under the hood (even when open), you'll trip the thermal breaker on tire #3. 'Course, the Chili mill pumps out some BTUs, YMMV. I do not experience this with two compressors with the hood open.

'Course, I've run out of CO2 a few times at about that point, too many times. CO2 and the compressor makes an MRS (Morgan-Redundant-Systems) compliant configuration. I just got tired of having a near-useless ARB compressor, AND a CO2 bottle. I didn't want to go the other way and possibly lose lockers AND air-up capability with a single failure, so I went with dual compressors - for $50 plus wiring plus hoses, clamps, connectors, and relays. This way I get redundancy but no bottle taking up interior space. I moved my tools and spares into the side panels for the same reason, and got a nice carpeted sidepanel to boot.

It may not comply with Mrs. (Missus) $tandards though.
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