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Default North & South Supply Trails, Grand Lake CO

We couldn't find much in the way of 4-wheeling in the Grand Lake area when we were up there for the 4th of July. Really only had a 1/2 day for 4-wheeling anyway so we just hit the North & South Supply Trails mentioned in Well's guide. The trails are just North and West of Grand Lake. We were alone but the trails were pretty easy. Most of it was suitable for a stock rig, just the upper section of the North Supply Trail was slightly tougher with some bigger rocks...

Not many pics but if you're ever up that way they are fun little trails that you can easily do in a couple hours even with stops to check out the scenery and multiple photo op runs through the creek and to delight the kiddos ...

One of the first things we saw...Road work signs

Trail signs...fairly well marked as there are a lot of "bail out" points on the North Supply Trail...obviously one sign is mis-marked as a Jeep trail vs a LX450 trail

Main road, FSR 120 - FSR 120 pretty much gently winds its way up to the trailhead while the North Supply Trail goes straight up

End of the line...North Supply Trailhead - hiking only above this point (behind the LX).

Niece with my youngest

Little creek here with some mini waterfalls

Some action shots of crossing the creek on the South Supply Trail...Kids loved it - the water was only maybe 8" deep or so...

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