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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I think technically it's fine to use a HF ham radio on CB as long as you follow the rules (i.e. 5W PEP transmitted power). But you really should be a licensed ham to do that. The gov'ment can cite you for intent to operate illegally if you are not a ham. I dunno the ins and outs of the legal details, so that might be best left as only hearsay.
Thanks Romer for the expert thing. But alas, I am still a student as we all are.

The frequencies allocated for CB (26.965 MHz-Channel 1 thru 27.405 MHz-Channel 40, spaced in anywhere from 10-20 MHz separations) are goverened separately by the FCC. Technically, any radio able to TRANSMIT in those frequencies is supposed to be certified by the FCC for all of the wierd things they look for, like power limits, RF exposure, bandwidth, etc before it is to be used. Some CB Radio operators illegally modify their CB Radio equipment and wander beyond Channel 40 to the bottom edge of the ham 10-meter band. The FCC takes quick action to close down these pirate CB Radio stations. First offenders are typically fined over $1,000 for their "out of band" operation. (This is directly applicable for non-ham licensed operators. Licensed ham operators MAY modify CB radios for use on the 10 meter band without getting into hot water.)

For CB's, You may only use a type-accepted CB Radio transmitter per FCC Laws Part 95, Subpart D. Any internal modification to a type-accepted CB Radio transmitter cancels the type acceptance, and use of such a transmitter voids your authority to operate the station. The same type regulation applies to power amplifiers. Power amplifiers are specifically disallowed for use with a CB Radio. This means you are not technically allowed to make your own CB radio.

Bottom line is that you would be spending money $$$ on a high-test HF/VHF/UHF rig (like the FT-857D ($700) or the Icom IC-7000 ($1200)) not to mention all of the electronics stuff you would have to be capable of doing to modify it to transmit on the CB frequencies otherwise you ruin said rig, and buying all of the external gadgets to make it all work.

We have thought of this question several times and the answers all seem to point us in the direction we all went: Throw out the CB and go strictly ham!. On last months Ghost Town Run, we had 4 hams. We were all jibber jabbin away while the rest of the group wondered if their CB was broken.

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Originally Posted by waggoner5 View Post
I don't mind the license part. I can do that. How difficult is that radio to say "go go CH 4" on CB frequency? Thanks for the link Matt.
What do you mean here? Just say it in the mike, I would guess? PLease clarify.
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