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Default Red Cone Run August 12th

We had a spectacular run today to Red Cone. Thanks to Ben and Dan for doing this. It was great having Ham Radios as even when we were out of CB range, we were chatting crystal clear on the Hams.

It was great to see the FJ team Robbie, Chris, Rod and ? (can't remember), and our new neighbors the Coberly's on a spectacular day.

After many years I was finally able to convince my Father to come along. He always thought of offroad driving like riding a buckboard. He had a great time and was impressed with the driving skill of his granddaughters. He also brought a visiting friend who had a great time.

It was also nice to see Mike's repaired 40 back on the trail and Ige's 80. I wish I got pictures of more trucks, but we had a big turnout (17 trucks) and really didn't stop at obstacles, just when groups in front of us broke down.
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