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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Hey, sweet dual battery setup! Yes I got on 147... right after we spoke and there was tons of traffic, I made a couple calls but I think I was doubling with some folks that I couldn't hear, could only hear another guy telling them that someone must have doubled.. so I didn't pursue it much longer. I was monitoring 310 for the rest of the morning.. never heard the Red Cone guys though either.

But boy those 14K' mountains look so sharp and pokey on top from down here in the flats... didn't realize it was just a big parking lot up there. I'll have to go with you guys next time.
I had my popup's dual 6-volt batteries hooked up in series to make a nice amp-hour 12 volt setup, primarily to run the new radio on HF. I saw the batteries draining as I was transmitting with 100W on HF.

It was hectic on 2M up there, I found that my SO-239 was shorting on one of the metal elements of my 2M yagi, and until then I was not able to get out real well.

We may have heard the guys on 146.460 on Red cone around 11:30am, but it was hard to tell because callsigns weren't given very frequently, and the reception was spotty at best.

Mt Bross has a flat top that could house a boy scout troup comfortably. You could easily play a real 100 yard football game up there. Mt evans has a paved parking lot about 50 feet short of the summit, and pikes peak is driveable all the way. Many of the others are real sharp and pointy with only enough room to get by one another going up and down.

Tim, we'd love to have you next year. Like Brian said, it was a hoot.
I really got a kick out of being on HF with people calling all over each other to try to talk to me.
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