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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
Having exceeded the new member attendance requirements in just a couple of weeks, I'm not understaning why it took Subzali so long to become a member. Is the new member vote that stringent?

I only ask because having initally posted the trip report in the wrong section of the forum , I a bit worried that I may not measure up to the standard of the desired Rising Sun member. Should I be worried about the faux pa counting too heavily against me in the membership vote at the next meeting?
Oh man you are doomed, DOOMED I tell 'ya

Kidding aside, once you get voted in and gain access to the member's only forum all your fears should be put to rest and the "issues" surrounding Subzali and membership should become quite clear

There is a thread around here somewhere where some members have offered up what it means to become a part of the "club", what the expectations are, etc. I think Matt Farr explained it well in one meeting and on-line in which he stated that the "requirements" to join are as much for existing members to get to know you as they are for you to get to know us and the club. That way, you aren't joining a club of people you've never met but rather hopefully joining a club full of what you consider friends.

I've been on the forum for over a year, attended meetings starting ealier this year, went to CM07 and the BOWAGW run, but didn't become a full member until the August meeting. I guess like parts I buy, I had to age like a fine wine on the shelf for awhile .
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