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Originally Posted by Rzeppa
6th and I-25 would be anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes more. I-70 and Colorado might be a little more dicey, traffic and all that. A lot depends on time of day (which part of rush hour), and also which part of Evergreen/Conifer you might be coming from, as far as how quick you can get onto the highways. A lot of locations include dirt roads which can add 10-20 minutes or more. For example, when I lived in Brook Forest (technically Evergreen), it took a good 15 minutes just to get into downtown Evergreen. As for Conifer, traffic on 285 has really deteriorated over the last 25 years, even with the extra lane they put in recently.

You might consider Idledale, Kittredge or Indian Hills as possible alternatives to Evergreen or Conifer, as far as commute (not to mention home prices).

Personally, I look forward to finding a gig up here like I had the first 5 years I lived here.

In any case, I wouldn't trade my location for anything as far as having deer, elk, fox, racoons and other beautiful wildlife wandering through my yard. It really is wonderful!
We love the area, just want to keep our average commute under 40 minutes. I am only 8 miles south of downtown and it takes me 20+ minutes now.

I have noticed that Indian Hills is closer, as are some homes that are in "morrison", but look like they are in the northern end of Conifer. The north end of Conifer (between Conifer 'downtown' and Indian Hills) does not seem too bad. How bad is 285 and C470 traffic? No idea how early we will leave yet. I can change my hours if need be, depends on what daycare we would use for the little dude.

How far down black forest road were you? I saw a house only 3 miles down from Evergreen...

Thanks for the advice guys!

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