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Originally Posted by Red_Chili
WELL.... ahem... I visit this Varmints thread and find out it's shifted to kiddie day care.

Oh. Sorry, guess that's still on-topic.

Regarding the edible kind, them dinnerdeer look like they just need some worcestershire sauce and some Montreal Steak seasoning to me.

I suppose they's stay on the grill better if you harpooned 'em first. Isn't there a destructive varmints allowance for agricultural eradication in the DOW rules? They've been downright RUINING your prized award-winning roses in your side business now, haven't they, Jeff? Need some he'p wit dem varmints?
LOL! I kinda had you in mind when I first posted it, surprised it took you this long to notice my varmits :-)

You know it's funny, so often I'll walk out my door and a deer or elk will be standing right in my way and I nearly knock 'em down until I look up and there they are. I'm pretty sure that if I wanted to (and wanted a wild-a$$ed ride) I could just hop on the back of one of 'em like a wild horse or something. Certainly would be easy enough to lassoo one if I knew how to lassoo.
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