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Talked with Kevin just a little while ago. I was talked into tail gunin for him. We will meet at 10 AM tomorrow at the clinic we meet at a couple of years ago. This cliinic is between blackhawk and centeral city on the right hand side. If you miss it, I am sure we will pass the cementary a little while later. Our object is to get to Yankee Hill, but may fall short if we can not go where the 4/runners goes. Any how, we will have a good day of getting stuck, trading off leads, using the winches(not the human kind), maybe using some shovel action, hopefully not breaking anything that matters. Channel 4 on the CB unless traffic is bad. I talked with gary a little bit and he was thinking of going but did not commit yet. He will not be driving but will ride with some one. I offered to pick him up at some location, but if some one is closer to maybe pick him up that may also work. Any looking forward to this as I will not be able to go next weekend. catch you soon, robbie
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