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Ok, but again I don't want to upgrade my birfields.. too much $$, just the axles. All I need to do is resolve my "axle groove" issue, and since replacing the inner axles is assumed to be the same cost as getting the existing ones machined and sleeved, and perhaps a little stronger, then it makes sense to me that I may as well upgrade them to chromoly, since the cost is about the same. I'd rather not buy brand new stock axles for what chromoloy ones would have cost, but it looks like that may be my only option if Marlin doesn't have any good news for me tomorrow.

Jeff I've heard the same "fusible link" argument before, I think it's a good one. Lots easier to fix when you don't have to pull that spindle (and the mess behind it) off on a trail. Hope I never learn that first hand, but we'll see..
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