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Default Butch Cassidy and the San Miguel Valley Bank

I misspoke on the CB on our way down to Telluride when I said Butch wasn't present during the robbery of the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride. In case anybody's interested, here's the real story.

Matt Warner and Butch Cassidy entered the bank late in the morning of June 24, 1889, hankerchiefs over their faces, and demanded the money. The clerk didn't feel called upon to argue with men as well armed as these two as he gathered all the money in the cage, $21,000.00, and handed it to them.

They eventually crossed the Colorado at Moab where the two split up, Warner rode into Brown's Park (near the current Dinasour National Park), and Butch wandered up into Wyoming.

My source is the book, "The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost", by Pearl Baker. Good reading, especially for anyone going on Perry's Outlaw Run.

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