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Default New website Quetions from a dumb Texan

Well I have been spying on you guys for a while now and thought I better post up something just in case someone was thinking of talking some BS about Texans.

Anyway, first, sorry I wasn't able to make the 1/01/06 snow run but the wife was ready to get home. So what do you do?

Second. Dinner was great. Thanks Ken for putting that together.

Third. Business. It seems that this list works well for the Rising Sun members and since these dummies down here in Texas have elected me to preside over their club, I thought I would change things up on the way we communicate. We now use an e-mail list which works fine, but I want a complete facelift including a web based forum like this one. Is there any negatives? A couple of people in our club have expressed concern that there might be sensitve or confidential info that we may not want non members to read. I can't figure out what that might be though.
Do you guys have a seperate forum or e-mail list that you use to talk meeting type stuff? Just curious. Not wanting to pry, but more want to give us a face lift and looking for opinons. I hope you ya'll had a good "Holidays"
Maybe by next year I will be there more permanently.
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