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Originally Posted by waggoner5
Is there any negatives? A couple of people in our club have expressed concern that there might be sensitve or confidential info that we may not want non members to read. I can't figure out what that might be though.
Do you guys have a seperate forum or e-mail list that you use to talk meeting type stuff? Just curious. Not wanting to pry, but more want to give us a face lift and looking for opinons. I hope you ya'll had a good "Holidays"
Maybe by next year I will be there more permanently.
Hi Gary, Sorry I didn't make the dinner ken had set up. It's a busy time over the holidays

Personally I don't think there is a negative to forums. Some members may not be that web savy or resistant to change from e-mail to a forum.

The pluses are that pics are easily posted, there are different sections as you know to keep things seperated. That leads into yes we have a "members only", "cruise moab committee" and "rally committee" sections that are secure for only those member that are apart of the group. Plus I believe we made a ammendment to our bylaws that online voting can occur on isssues using a poll. This is nice for those that can't make it to the meeting etc.

The vbulletin software it $160 and then if you choose $30 for upgrades yearly after that.
See you on the trail
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