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Default Question for the Cruise Moab 2006 Committee

Dear Cruise Moab organizing committee:

Romer suggested I contact you folks here.

My question regards participation of a non-Toyota vehicle (I know, how could we ): I am bringing my FJ40, and was wondering whether it would be possible for my husband to tag along in his Blazer. Both of us have been on trails in Moab before and would be willing to volunteer with tailgunning and spotting. His truck can carry more parts and tools, and he would make every attempt to stay out of pictures. He would not want to take a spot from another Toyota, but he would register and pay his own way, of course. He has run trails with us with the AZ club Copper State Cruisers before. If it would be required that he become a TLCA member, we can arrange for that.

I appreciate your consideration of this request and look forward to seeing you all in Moab.

Thanks, Claudia
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