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I am not trying to hurt your feeling Shawn or create anything problems for any one. I Just know that Rachel was a little miffed when I contacted her. Maybe I am oversentive to others at times. I would also not like to have any negative feed back on the club if some cross post or links this info on our general forum to another forum. I am only passing on info that was given to me. Yes I am trying to be considered for this position, but this is not why I am asking what I am asking about the cross post.
As for the orginal info, what a great chance for the right people( more than 1) to get a opportunity to repersent Toyota and the new FJ Cruiser. Interesting that Bill Burke(no suprise really as he is the #1 4x4 trainer in the US) is handling this. He wants the chance to pick the crew from people that he has trained. If he does not get enough people then he will open it up to other avenues. At least that was conved to me in the e-mails I have gotten. Their was also another post about how it will be up to a 8 month gig and you could be on the road for 6-7 days at a wack. Hotels and camping, helping people drive the crusier at events. etc
Again I was not trying to be a downier or hurt your feelings. later robbie
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