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Wink after looking for Ham stuff

Any how I am on the quest to take the Ham test, I am studying the manual and about 1/2 through. I will get most of it out of the way this weekend(wife out of town, some honeydo to do, but time to read as well). I have played on line some taking tests. Getting better.
I read some old posts and did not know where to post questions about Ham stuff, it seems like the ham stuff was all over different forums. I need to find person take the test from, I did see one site, but it only referenced some one over in Golden. I was hopeing for some one closer. So where did all you ham nuts take your tests?
I have been doing some research on equiptment and see what others ham nuts are using. I will be going with the dual band stuff, more than likely the Yeasu(I think I spelled it right) 8700.
Any how I have kneeled before the force and want to have clear communications in my wife(I really mean life). thanks for any helpfull hints. Later Robbie
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