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Originally Posted by Rzeppa
What is "Cowy Cruiser Club"? Colorado/Wyoming?

The reason I ask, is that I have been working with both TJ (their meeting is tonight) and with Frank Morgan of Fort Collins on getting a new TLCA chapter going up there; their meeting is tomorrow night. Frank has been playing phone tag with TJ. Ige, if you see TJ, please tell him that Frank already has a Land Cruiser club in Fort Collins, they've been going for about 5 years now! They are already members of the State Association, and are called Horsetooth 4 wheelers.

TJ, are you reading this? It would be silly to have two DIFFERENT Land Cruiser clubs in the same town. We need to get you guys together! Hit me off list and I'll get you Frank's number, if you don't already have it.

Thread hijack?
not a cruiser specific club, it's just that all the others have fallen out of the group until it was left to five toyota guys who are slowly fading. frank was at the meeting tonight and it looks like, at least for now, cowy cruisers is going to merge into horsetooth. if all goes well, we'll stay with horsetooth...if not, we may serve to revitalize them, and our members will gain an excellent insight into all that's required to form a club.
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