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Originally Posted by Bobzooki
OK, so can I join TLCA if I don't actually OWN a Toyota?
And if I can't, does that mean I can't GO to CruiseMoab, even though I'm on the committee? Very interesting conundrum we have here. You don't have to be driving a Toyota, but you DO have to be a TLCA member? Hmm...
Technically, you must own a Toyota 4x4 to join TLCA. And technically, you must be a TLCA member to be a registrant at a TLCA sanctioned event such as Cruise Moab. At Rising Sun we usually aren't to much sticklers for technicalities; Example: Former Commander Rob Merideth had a good buddy nicknamed "Cracker" who had a Bronco, was a really good wheeler and led trails at Moab. I'm pretty sure he didn't own a Toyota and wasn't in TLCA, but he helped out so much nobody complained. I think in cases like yours, we aren't going to exclude a committee member who's doing a bunch of work for the club and the event. IOW, I vote to make an exception for you. Do we have a second? All in favor say aye!

In the mean time we'll be lobbying you to come over to the light side :-)
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