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Originally Posted by rgsiii
I am normally driving at an altitude of about 200 feet and when I went to Colorado earlier this month there was a marked reduction in performance of my Land Cruiser. I was driving a 1994 FZJ 80 with 285 tires, weighing 6,250 pounds empty and not regeared. It was tuned up recently and the timing and compression tests are OK. I first noticed the problem in Denver and when I had some work done at Christo’s they commented on it on it being sluggish. I put some Toyota BG44 in the gas and it made a slight improvement. Driving on the Interstate to Grand Junction, there were spots when it was unable to go faster than about 30 mph. It was a heavily loaded vehicle likely well above 7,000 pounds. Off road it did OK except in one spot. What sort of speeds are normal on the Interstate for a FZJ 80 at high altitudes?

When I got back home, it appeared that the throttle positioning sensor was acting up and I replaced it. I got rebuilt fuel injectors from Man-a-Fre and the vehicle is doing better than I remember it doing in the past. Does anybody have other ideas on getting the vehicle ready for another trip? I will likely be hauling less stuff in the vehicle in the future—I brought a lot of camping and what I later realized was unnecessary recovery equipment.


You don't want to hear it but forced induction is the key to high altitude blues! I can do 65 on most any pass in my supercharged FZJ-80. Its all about how much your willing to spend for drivability!
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior
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