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Originally Posted by wesintl
30 mph is still faster than me...
No wonder, you donít even have spark plugs! I have a BJ42 that is turboíd. I really think it would have done better at altitude. It would have killed me going across Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Maybe with the remedies, it will make the 80 more altitude friendly. I never noticed any real problem at sea level.

Originally Posted by Romer
Maybe what you did alreday fixed it. I don't have any issues like those you talked about. Although it does get a bit sluggish on the steep mtn. passes.

Ken, what sort of speeds can you get up to in the area of the Eisenhower Tunnel? I really was getting pretty nervous with 18 wheelers passing me up.

I really enjoyed meeting you in Denver. We didnít make it to Moab, but had a great time around Ouray. Maybe Moab in the spring.

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben
You don't want to hear it but forced induction is the key to high altitude blues! I can do 65 on most any pass in my supercharged FZJ-80. Its all about how much your willing to spend for drivability!
I am toying with the idea of a TC or Supercharger. I am thinking about going to Mexico and will have to figure out how available premium fuel is south of the border. I would hate to be stuck using a low octane fuel and get into trouble in a country with only a small Toyota presence.

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