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Default Moffat Rd and James Peak

so in my continuing exploration of what this neck o the woods has to offer since i moved here, i came upon a road that head up to james peak. I had been to rollins pass once before, and after some google earth scouting, found a new road in the same area that goes to another very cool place, and since im not the only one of my friends that loves splorin, i brought a couple along late this afternoon, and was not at all disappointed (neither were they). i still cant get over how beautiful colorado is... if anyone has other suggestions for cool spots to explore, just lemme know... something like rollins pass or the james peak road, nothin too technical, but also not a lame paved road.

here are some pics my friends and i took... the road got real icy on the way down (it was dark... i need to get goin earlier...) and someone managed to put their ranger into a tree and off the road... luckily my 60 is solid as a rock, so we were all right... the ranger dude was too by the way. altogether a very good way to spend a sunday afternoon...

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