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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
OK, so 'splain what's up with the temperature gauge.
Is it like mine, where it goes from 'cold' to 'middle of the range' about the time I back out of the garage, in 2.4 milliseconds? Is that what you fixed?
I've seen this mod before and I'm not sure how it works out on mini trucks. Sounds like yours is definitely a similar operation. My gauge takes a few minutes to go from cold to operate. Starting in the morning it doesn't hit the middle of the sweep until I'm just about at the highway, so from Downing and Evans, north on Downing about 6 blocks and it'll just about be there by the time I hit the on-ramp. My guess is that the combo gauges we have are the same circuit as the Cruiser. Our dead spot is 135 ohms, the lower side is below 57 ohms and the boil-over is above 217 ohms. I wouldn't be surprised to find the exact same nulling diode-limited Wheatstone (or half Wheatstone anyway).

Edit: Ran out at lunch and watched my temp closer. Yup, seems it comes up slowly to about 25% of the sweep and pops right up to a needle's width on the low side of middle. I'd guess there's a pretty wide dead spot on the middle of my gauge. Guess I'll be tearing my dash apart!
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