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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
OK, so 'splain what's up with the temperature gauge.
Is it like mine, where it goes from 'cold' to 'middle of the range' about the time I back out of the garage, in 2.4 milliseconds? Is that what you fixed?

The stock gauge has a dummy zone where it will still show fine and then start to climb after you have a problem.

On the way to Moab I developed a leak in one of my hoses. I installed a seperate temp gauge (And boost gauge) after my SC install.

The Stock temp gauge did not move while my other temp gauge climbed to 200, 210 and at about 220 then started to climb. At 210 I was turning on the heat (turn off AC) etc and attempting to cool it down and it worked for about 50 miles. At 220 I was pulling over just as the temp gauge started to climb. After shutting the truck off the temp gauge climbed to about 225 and then the stock temp gauge climbed significantly.

So from 180- 220 deg, the stock gauge does not move and then ramps quickly above that. Too late to be pro-active.

The modification was developed by Raventai on mud and essentially changes some components to remove the dead zone.
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