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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
hello all,

new to the area and excited about meeting new people.. went to the meeting this past wednseday an met a few new people, looking to be an active member of the club soon.

anyways, i have a techical question... i just got done doing a v-8 swap, 4 runner breaks, rebuild both axles, did the t case and insltalled a h55f, and did rebuilt driveshafts... all in one fail swoop.

the truck has some weird vibrations at 45-65mph (indicated) and i'd love for someobody to drive it or ride in it and help me figure out what the heck is going on. anybody interested? free ride in a 5.3 liter 300hp cruiser... i am in lafayette, co. it made it 1500 miles from memphis doing 80mph the whle way so it can't be that bad but i just dont know. also, need to find a place to put the front end through its paces to see if i put the oil pan on the engine far enough away from the axle to keep it from hitting... i think the dude that did my third member in the rear may have not set it up right,

anyone... bueler....

Do the rear dif gears "sing?" Vibrations usually come from balance rather than improper setup. I'm just guessing but did the plane of the powertrain change? In other words does the engine sit higher or lower than original? (same question for the tranny/T-case.) Use an angle finder on the rear output flange of the t-case and then check the pinion flange on the rear diff....I've got a $10 spot that the vertical planes of those two flanges are differant!
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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