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ok, got under there and measured it at lunch, looks like the pinion is about 4 degrees up from the t case flange when the truck is just sitting there unloaded. should i try to shim it with the same type of caster shims that there are available for the front end or should i just accept it the way it is?

all of the u joints were replaced with factory toyota ones when i rebuilt the driveshafts, also had them balanced. they both took a little bit of weight, but not much.

the front just rattles and shakes when the t-case is in 4wd and the hubs are not locked, and has a higher frequency vibration (thats more of a buzz) when the front hubs are locked and it's not in 4wd, and when hubs are locked and it's in 4wd. i'll get under there again tonight maybe to see if there is anything loose.
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